About our Company

Bit Refinery is a VMware© and Big Data Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based out of Denver, Colorado. Featuring VMware© virtualization technology hosted within our fully redundant virtual data centers, companies of all sizes benefit from outsourcing their infrastructure to the Bit Refinery Cloud while maintaining complete control of their mission critical environment.

Our Mission

Bit Refinery's mission is to provide the the highest performing and stable infrastructure to our clients of all sizes. We do this by combining our combined years of experience into well-oiled infrastructure machine.

Our Vision

Technology changes on a daily basis and it won't stop anytime soon. Bit Refinery will provide infrastructure "as a service" which helps reduce capex for companies as well as provides them with a constant expense vs. yearly hardware refreshes or monthly invoice surprises.

In for the long haul..

We've been providng infrastructure to companies of all sizes since 2008. We use that invaluable experience to provide a seamless transition for you and your company for all of your infrastructure needs.