True Hadoop Hosting & Big Data Infrastructure

Bit Refinery provides a purpose-built infrastructure and Managed Services for Big Data and Hadoop applications.

Using our multiple data centers located throughout the country, let the Bit Refinery experts handle your Big Data infrastructure so you can concentrate on your core business.

  • VMware and bare-metal infrastructure

  • Start small and grow

  • Multiple data centers to choose from

  • Layer 2 Direct Connect

  • Big Data Managed Services

What do we provide?

Bit Refinery combines our Enterprise VMware© infrastructure with bare-metal servers for a complete best-of-breed Big Data solution.

  • Zero upfront capital costs
  • True dedicated, bare-metal Hadoop hosts ( not virtual servers connected to a SAN ) available in many configurations
  • 24/7 Monitoring all the way down to each individual disk
  • Secure data transfers into the cloud at 500 GB/day over enterprise WAN connections
  • Pair with VMware© environment to create a highly available cluster
  • Type II SSAE 16 data center
  • Private VLAN network
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Data shuttle services available

How do we fit into the Big Data ecosystem?

Think of Bit Refinery as the engine and tires to your Big Data infrastructure. We handle the data center, networking and monitoring of each of our customer's clusters along with an optional Managed Services component which includes advanced monitoring, system administration and architecture.

No other company offers an Enterprise VMware & bare-metal environment combined with a deep Big Data experienced team.

The Big Data landscape is changing constantly with new solutions and technologies, let Bit Refinery provide you with what you need, when you need it.

We are techincal partners with each of the major Big Data vendors such as Hortonworks and Cloudera. This allows for a greater in-depth understanding of each product and how it fits into the overall Big Data landscape. Being a technical partners also provides us with "back-stage" access to new features and technology roadmaps enabling us to assist your company with choosing the correct technology to solve your Big Data problems.

How are we different?

  • We're not a "Hadoop as a Service" company - We provide infrastructure so you can install any Big Data application that you require.
  • We provide the lowest cost bare-metal Big Data nodes in the industry - period.
  • We have over 6 years of experience providing critical infrastructure to companies of all sizes.
  • We've helped many companies dive into Hadoop and Big Data applications and pass this experience onto you.
  • We offer managed services for your Big Data infrastructure so you concentrate on your core business.
  • 64GB RAM Bare-Metal nodes with 10TB of storage starting at $300 a month. 128GB at $350/mo. Not a typo!

Amazon EC2 Comparison

Amazon EC2 Comparison - 20 Node Hadoop Cluster

Services QTY Bit Refinery Amazon
Data Node (64 GB Ram) 20 $ 6,000 $ 10,248
Master Node 3 $ 1,200 $ 1,540
Edge Node 1 $ 270 $ 155
Managed Firewall 1 $ 40 $ 50
Internet bandwidth (Mbps) 30 Included $ 873
Storage (1TB) 200 Included $ 11,255
Monthly Total $ 7,510 $ 24,121
* Based on Amazon EBS Storage and r3.2xlarge instance.

Amazon is great for prototyping and testing out Big Data applications but adds up quickly due to the high costs they charge. Bit Refinery offers the lowest pricing bare-metal servers in the industry. Backed by years of experience in not only VMware infrastructure but big data expertise.

Bit Refinery provides a predictable monthly bill based on your resources. No hidden or surprise charges at the end of the month. The beauty of Big Data applications is you just add more nodes as you grow.

The table clearly shows the gap between a purpose-built Big Data infrastructure provided by Bit Refinery using true commodity servers which was the original goal of Hadoop. Providing low-cost storage with the additional benefit of deep data analysis that companies large and small can equally benefit from is our goal.

Azure / HDInsight Comparison

Azure Comparison - 20 Node Hadoop Cluster

Services QTY Bit Refinery Azure
Data Node (64 GB Ram) 20 $ 6,000 $ 14,880
Master Node 3 $ 1,200 $ 1,116
Edge Node 1 $ 270 $ 179
Managed Firewall 1 $ 40 $ N/A
Internet bandwidth (Mbps) 30 Included $1,065
Storage (1TB) 200 Included $ 10,240
Monthly Total $ 7,510 $ 27,480
* Based on "Page Blobs & Disks" storage and A7 instances.

Microsoft's Azure platform is similar to Amazon EC2. It's great for prototyping Big Data applications but adds up very quickly if you deploy a production cluster. You can even run Hadoop on Windows. (yikes!)

Their services mostly mimic Amazon in offering "instances" with minimal storage and different types of storage options. In order to create a true Hadoop cluster, having local storage is a must but it's unclear how Azure's "Page Blobs & Disks" will perform. At $.05 per GB, this adds up quickly if you want to supply any substantial storage to each data node.

Much like Amazon, these services were not created with Big Data in mind and you can easily break the bank if you decide to move forward with their services. Bit Refinery offers a dual platform where you can bring up fully redundant VMware backed servers along with bare-metal (non-hypervisor) Big Data nodes with large amounts of storage. Hadoop is about bringing the processing to the data on commodity hardware... something these huge companies are good at hiding in their confusing calculators and sales processes.

Managed Services

Bit Refinery offers a full range of managed services around Hadoop. From simple monitoring and administration to full architecture and development, let the experts at Bit Refinery help you gain all the benefits of Hadoop without the headaches and complexities it brings.

Administering and monitoring a Hadoop cluster can be a strenuous endeavor. Bit Refinery provides a full range of managed service offerings to help with the administration and monitoring of your hosted Hadoop cluster. With new packages and constant updates to the many tools in the Hadoop eco-system, it's a challenge trying to keep up with which package and update may be pertinent to your analytic objectives.

Monitoring your Hadoop environment is the key to a smoothly running environment along with happy end users. Let Bit Refinery take the complexity out of this time consuming task. We have built a common monitoring system that plugs into your environment and monitors 100s of data points including server health, hard disks, Hadoop services such as HDFS, MapReduce, Hive and Flume and networking connectivity.

Hadoop has grown from a repository where find grain data was kept in order to perform deep data analysis on it to a mission critical data hub. Although redundancy is built into its core, a business continuity plan is a necessity. This includes backups and possibly a second cluster in order to achieve increased uptime. Bit Refinery can devise a plan based on your needs and business requirements.

We have a skilled team of Hadoop experts proficient in helping organizations strategize, build, implement, integrate and test custom Hadoop solutions. Bit Refinery is also a certified Hortonworks and Cloudera Consulting Partner. Our Hadoop experts can get your instance up, running and optimized for your needs.

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It's That Simple

You can install, administer and maintain any flavor of Hadoop or let us handle it. Combine our Enterprise VMware© cloud with a Hadoop cluster and you have a resilient, high-performing computing cluster ready to work with your big data applications. Contact us to find out how Hadoop Hosting is a perfect fit for your organization.