Amazon EC2 Costs vs. Bit Refinery

We’re often asked how we compete with Amazon. After all, they are a huge company with billions of dollars in revenue. When it comes to big data and Hadoop, they have a good plan which is to allow you to transfer and store your data for a low cost which sounds great at first. The problem is if you actually want to analyze and retrieve your data which can add up to a small fortune if you don’t watch out.

We here at Bit Refinery have a very simple business model where we provide your infrastructure just as if you were going to do it yourself. We believe you have better things to do than operate your own clusters and servers AND you should expect a consistent bill from month to month based on your usage with no surprises at the end of the month.

We’ve put together a document that illustrates the cost differences between a 20 node Hadoop cluster run on Amazon EC2 vs. Bit Refinery. The document can be found here.