AWS Data Jail

Amazon released their Q3 2016 numbers the other day and their dominance is unreal. Never before have we seen a company dominate so many industries at the same time. With AWS revenue of $3.2 billion, or nearly 10 percent of Amazon’s total Q3 revenue, it’s no wonder companies are blindly flocking to “go to the cloud".

The problem is AWS is great for prototyping and elastic workloads. When it comes to servers that need to be up 24/7, the pricing and nickel-and-diming which is the core of their business model starts to really add up. When you accrue enough data in S3, you are forced to only interact with services that are in the AWS ecosystem. That is great for AWS and their vendors. (AWS takes 20% of the revenue of every single app much like the App Store from Apple)

Before you head down the AWS route, break out a spreadsheet and try to estimate your monthly bill using their calculator. Don’t forget to add in S3 GETS, outgoing bandwidth, per hour services,etc..

We predict a 2-3 year swinging door. Companies will be forced by their alarming AWS bills to look to more predictable infrastructure solutions like Bit Refinery. Your data is yours and you should NEVER be trapped trying to get it out and use it somewhere else.

-Bit Refinery