SSD Hadoop Nodes

Bit Refinery now offers SSD Big Data nodes. Our base server provides 128GB of Ram, Dual 8 core Intel CPUs, 10Gb networking and 6ea. 1TB SSD drives providing a whopping 240,000 Read IOPS for only $800/mo.

For the fun of it, let’s take a similar server at AWS. The r4.4xlarge will work. That is near the specs that we provide. Adding 6ea 1TB Provisioned SSDs with only 120,000 IOPS puts us at $10,281.54 a MONTH.

This means that one node over a year will cost you $123,468 vs. $9,600 with Bit Refinery. It’s an obvious choice…and that isn’t even taking into consideration our SSDs are twice as fast on reads.

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