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Organizations in a variety of markets are flocking to Hadoop. The technology offers organizations the ability to store and analyze massive amounts of data in a distributed environment. But one significant roadblock is the cost of storage. Until now....

Hadoop Hosting from Bit Refinery offers a dedicated, low-cost hosting solution. You now have the ability to store and analyze enormous amounts of data with in-depth querying capabilities without the need to purchase expensive, massively parallel computing (MPC) appliances.

Bit Refinery's Hadoop infrastructure can be accessed via dedicated private, secure VPN. This allows organizations to harness and take advantage of all the computing power of the Hadoop environment for their specific purpose as opposed to sharing these resources on a typical VM environment. It comes with a complete set of features such as fully dedicated servers, private high-speed network and full console control.

With Hadoop Hosting, the more "nodes" you add, the faster the results and the safer your data is because each file is broken up into "blocks" and replicated among different nodes. So, you get low cost storage that's replicated and allows for unlimited querying capabilities.

Now that's powerful.


  • Zero upfront capital costs
  • True dedicated, bare-metal Hadoop hosts ( not virtual servers connected to a SAN )
  • Secure data transfers into the cloud at 500 GB/day over enterprise WAN connections
  • Pair with VMware© environment to create a highly available cluster
  • Type II SSAE 16 data center
  • Private VLAN network
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Data shuttle services available


Who Needs Hadoop Hosting?

  • Companies and government agencies wanting to try out Hadoop technology without having to purchase their own equipment
  • Enterprise software sales organizations for use with customer proof of concepts and internal development/R&D
  • Small-to-enterprise sized businesses with large amounts of data that want to launch their own data analytics projects
  • Health Care Organizations wanting to try Hadoop for patient record analytics.

How It Works

Bit Refinery uses a combination of servers from top manufacturers such as Dell and HP.

An example configuration consists of:
  • Dell Dedicated Servers (Bare Metal, no virtualization)
  • Hex Core CPUs
  • 64GB RAM
  • SSD OS Drive
  • 5, 2TB 7.2k Hard Drives (JBOD)
  • Redundant 1GB Ethernet Connectivity
  • Full console control via KVM over IP with Media Connectivity

Prices start at $300/mo per node.

Click here for other configurations that we can provide.

The following graphic illustrates a typical implementation using traditional physical servers for Hadoop nodes while relying on the redundancy of virtual servers powered by VMware©.

Read more about the benefits of combining Hadoop with VMware© here.

It's That Simple

You install, administer and maintain any flavor of Hadoop. Combine our enterprise VMware© cloud with a Hadoop cluster and you have a resilient, high-performing computing cluster ready to work with your big data applications. Contact us to find out how Hadoop Hosting is a perfect fit for your organization.

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