Our Infrastructure


Location Name SSAE 16 Services
Denver ForTrust Yes Private, Public Cloud, Big Data
Seattle Digital Fortress Yes Private, Public Cloud, Big Data
Chicago FGC/PlusOne Yes Private Cloud
New York/New Jersey NYI & Telx - NYC Yes Private, Public Cloud, Big Data
England Telehouse West Yes Private, Public Cloud
Santa Clara Telx - Santa Clara Yes Private Cloud
Atlanta Telx - Atlanta Yes Private, Public Cloud

Bit Refinery uses Dell C series rack servers which provide unmatched capacity, performance in a very dense package saving on power consumption.

Supplying our customers with the fastest I/O possible, we rely on NetApp and their Cluster Mode Technology. This allows a near infinite limit in terms of scaling and performance.

Cisco provides industry-leading performance and ultra-low latency through wire-speed ports with 600 nanosecond port-to-port latency and automated hardware-based Inter-Switch Link (ISL) trunking.

Layer 2 - Direct Connect

Bit Refinery is one of the ONLY cloud providers that offers dedicated private network pathways, via Layer 2, into its cloud, riding on your existing carrier.

All your data rides on one dedicated private global network no matter its origination point – from data center to cloud; from on-premise to cloud; or even from one cloud to another cloud

Rubber Stamp Technology

What do we mean by "Rubber Stamp"? It means we work with a select number of hardware and software vendors to implement the same configuration in each of our data centers which allows us to perfect the balance of performance and stability

Each of our data center locations are connected by 10Gb redundant fiber connections which allows for many uses such as disaster recovery and geographic content distribution. Performance and security are under our control instead of relying on the public Internet.

Bit Refinery supports colocated, hybrid cloud solutions at all of our cloud infrastructure datacenters. Whether you require physical servers, routers, load balancers or other hardware, Bit Refinery provides solutions to integrate these physical devices into the virtualized architecture.